April 23, 2013

Congratulation is the appropriate word to Domingos Andrade & Maria Antonieta Andrade, both familiarly known as Domingos
& Chamulu.

They say: When life gives you lemons,  make lemonade.

Faith, Hope, Friendship and above all, Love,  are words that can describe very well  the life of Domingos & Chamulu,  which
reflects in every way thru the family and friends.

Faith, gave them the assurance and desire to go further.

Love, they are an example to follow.

Hope, gave them the incentive of certainty that it is possible to accomplish their life’s plan.

Friendship, they were born to understand, to give, to love and specially to care about the family, friends  and the community,
because they know family and community, are the foundation and the purpose of life  and without them it  would be different.

Domingos Andrade, son of Manuel Andrade Nene & Maria Senhorinha Nunes, was born in Fonte Aleixo, Parish of Santa
Catarina, Fogo, Cape Verde; at the early age he had the desire for adventure;  with the help of his father he had the
opportunity to travel to the USA as a sailor in the famous sailboat, called Madalan, which belonged on that time to an also  
famous gentleman named Fortunato Gomes Pina, also known by the name of Nho-Tuntum.

In the year of 1953, Domingo, travelled on that ship Madalan, with others friend, using only a document, called Cedula
Maritima, or Seaman’s Paper, the ticked or cost,  was  250 dollars for everything, including Seaman’s Paper;  the journey to
USA, took about 15 to 18 days; they landed at the City of Providence, Rhode Island  and stayed for about 30 days; during  
those days US Customers or Immigration’s , would visit and search the ship for inspection.

Domingos’ father and friends were glad to see him during that short period that last a month which they spent in Boston or

On the way back to Cape Verde, Madalan, suffered a great deal of trouble, due to high, waters and strong winds which broke
the ship’s main mast; they had to send distress sign to a South Korean’s  ship for help and after that they sailed again and
docked at the city of Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.

Passed a short period in Fogo, Cape Verde, returning from the New World,  Domingos, continued the adventure and this time
the destination, was Europe, Lisbon, Portugal, the idea or purpose, was to get  an immigrant Visa, petitioned by his father at
the US Consulate in Lisbon, the year was 1954. On that time Cape Verde was still a Portuguese colony.

Once in the USA, and this time as an immigrant, Domingos, soon adapted to the new immigration  environment, building his
life in a new country but, always thinking of his Cape Verde, where the heart always was.

He fixed residence in Boston,   there was a vibrant Cape-verdian community which helped him to integrate in the community.

The destiny was written, and in this context  he had his intention in a beautiful girl in Cova Figueira, Fogo, Cape Verde, and
as soon as the opportunity came he went again to his roots Cape Verde, to meet his sweet heart Chamu, as he likes to call
After asking for the consent of the bride’s parents, Maria dos Reis Fontes Goncalves and Sabino Goncalves, on December
23rd 1961, at the Parish of Santa Catarina, Cova Figueira, Fogo, there was a great ball in the house of Tia Canquinha, as he
used to call her, celebrating the big bridal shower securing so the conquest.

Maria Antonieta Andrade, daughter of Sabino Goncalves and Maria dos Reis Fontes Goncalves, was born at Cova Figueira,
Fogo Cape Verde, a well -educated and a nice girl who, was a member of the Catholic Church in that small town, whose  
dreams was to discover the new worlds and accomplish her dreams.

Maria Antonieta Andrade – Chamulu, got married on March 9th 1963, with Domingos Andrade, at the Church of Santa Catarina,
Cova Figueira, before the family and friends. On August 15th 1963, on the day of Nossa Senhora da Graca, she left Cova
Figueira, after she received a visa petition from her fiancé to go to the US Consulate in Lisbon,   where she eventually  get
the visa to travel to the USA but,  before that, her  fiancé had to be present in Lisbon for the special honeymoon and
consummation of their marriage.

Once reunited  in Boston, USA, with the family and friend, Domingos and Chamulu, started thinking to form their own family
and from this marriage they have four children, Kathy, Nancy, Kelly and Kevin.

Life for this couple in the USA, was and is accordingly with their plan, they are well known and integrated in the community
and for all purpose they did not lost their cultural traits.

Asking Domingos to name a few names or colleagues, he said:  Neves de Pina, Manuel de Tuntum, Henrique Centeio, Antonio
Ana, Eugenio Fontes, Eduardo Fontes, Antonio Santos Silva, Tata de Filipe, Ivo de Pina and also he remembered  the
unforgetuful Cape-verdian nights of culture or parties with friends and family like the late musician Ivo de Pina, Ntoninho
Boca Largo, who lives in Cape Cod, Frank Lotinha, who is in Cape Verde.

Life is a jorney as we know celebrating 50 years of marriage is a great commitment, nobody is saying it is easy but,  when a
relationship is based on equality  and to know how to understand each other then, it can endure with the time.

The night of April 23, 2013, at the White of West  Hall at 66 State Road,  West Port, Massachusetts, with the expectacular
Linkim Band music, good food and friendly people, was very special for Domingos and Chamulu, because it showed that
when two people are united in a common goal to fulfill life, surrounded by family and friends in an environment of love,
pleasure and understanding, reassure our commitment to go on in life following their example.

Congratulations to Chamulu and Domingos

Joaquim Fontes
Randolph – April the 23rd 2013